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The Steps to Overcoming Challenging Customers: #2 Communication

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 3, 2017 12:50:50 PM / by Steve Satterwhite

Steve Satterwhite

The second commitment to customer service is communication, or what we say. It’s estimated that over half of all IT projects fail at some point. Many think this is because of poor planning, inadequate technology, minimal funding or lack of resources. These factors could be the case in a small segment of failures but in my experience, most IT projects fail due to a lack of soft skills; and more specifically the lack of communication skills among highly technical people. To execute affectively and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, IT professionals must master the art of communication.

The problem is that people think effective communication is about how much you talk, how much knowledge you share with others, how much time you spend “telling” the customer what to do.

And ironically, when we’re doing the talking the customer isn’t listening to us either. 

However, when people feel seen, heard and understood, their trust and confidence in you goes up.

So how do we do this? Three easy techniques:


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Steve Satterwhite

Written by Steve Satterwhite